10 Upcycling ideas to make your office circular this Christmas

Deko Eko

November 12, 2019

10 Upcycling ideas to make your office circular this Christmas

There’s no better time to look into the idea of upcycling your office space than around Christmas. From sprucing the office design to getting sustainable gifts for your employees, this article will teach you how to become an upcycling pioneer this year.

Christmas is a special time of year for numerous reasons. Family feuds drift away, people unite and look for opportunities to make their close ones happy. And while some call this a silly season, with shopping fever and dumb ads everywhere, we all give in to its magic eventually.

Christmas is also important for businesses around the world.

In many industries, it is the time of sales going through the roof. People constantly google gift ideas, and look for products that will make them and others happy. That’s why e-commerce sales grow, and retail companies flourish.

But setting aside the immense amount of work included, Christmas in the office is also the little things we do to feel the festive spirit. Christmas Trees pop in, red and green ornaments hang in the conference rooms and people count the days until Christmas Parties (okay, that last one was a joke). Amidst the sales, planning and decorating, you can think of Christmas as an opportunity to upcycle your office too.

It’s also your way to build a warmer image of your brand. Why?

Consider the emotional aspect of Christmas and how it relates to a brand. We all rush to planning next year, but it’s also a chance to take a breath, appreciate your co-workers and their effort. Christmas fosters our care for others, and upcycling adds just one more layer to it - caring for the environment. And by applying it in your office space, you establish a warmer, more conscious image of your brand.

In this article, you’ll see 10 unique ideas to do that. From using timber pallets and shredded documents to getting upcycled gifts for your contractors and employees - here’s your short guide to a more circular office this Christmas.


Best ideas for upcycling your office

#10 Choose elegant gifts for your employees - stylish laptop pouches

An office party doesn’t need to remind an SNL sketch (but sometimes they are), where awkward conversations lead the pack until a drop of alcohol breaks the ice. With just a few simple ideas, these events can actually be fun.

It’s an opportunity to give your employees gifts. Instead of purchasing hundreds of some unnecessary branded gadgets, think of items that support the upcycling philosophy and can actually be useful.

Furthermore, plastic is one of the materials that cause the biggest harm to nature. That’s why the EU has banned plastic bags, and why so many brands switch to other materials.

But what to do with the plastic that’s already circulating?

Use it as a material for stylish laptop cases! Plastic is a solid material, and with just a bit of creativity, it can be easily turned into a waterproof zipped bag. 

Waterproof laptop case - upcycling items from dekoeko.com

Waterproof laptop case - upcycling items from dekoeko.com


#9 Backpacks, bags and tote bags made from ad banners as gifts for contractors

Your employees sure need special treatment in the Christmas season, but let’s not forget about people who help run your business.

Your contractors can also get an upcycled gift from you. Backpacks, tote bags and bags made from ad banners look extravagant and make a stunning example of sustainability. They are also very practical - it’s a perfect blend of usable item that’s visually appealing too.

Backpack made from recycled advertising banners - upcycling gift idea from dekoeko.com

Backpack made from recycled advertising banners - upcycling gift idea from dekoeko.com

Interested in shopping upcycled gifts?

Browse the range of products


#8 Don’t buy a Christmas Tree - make one!

Do you always have the same issue with decorating a Christmas Tree for your office? 
That’s a song of the past.

Make a change this year - your office Christmas Tree can be assembled from supplies, leftovers, and timber pieces. Get creative and use cardboard, empty bottles, or any other waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth. 

The final result is supposed to be as colourful as possible.


Tip: Don’t forget to brag about your unique Christmas Tree on social media. Show your followers that sustainability matters to you!



#7 Let’s all take notes in eco-friendly notebooks

Treat Christmas as an opportunity to inject a bit of circular economy in your tiny office environment. Think about a particular use case - a brainstorming session. Everyone with their laptops, forgetting the good old days of taking notes manually. 

What if going analogue doesn’t mean cutting trees for paper? 

You can find beautiful notebooks made from recycled paper, with upcycled Christmas patterns too. Encourage your employees to save energy and leave the laptops at their desks. Brainstorm with upcycled in your hands!

Sustainably made notebooks - upcycled gift ideas

Sustainably made notebooks - upcycled gift ideas from dekoeko.com


#6 More fresh air with upcycled planters

Do you have some spare bottles, old PCs, boxes or any other unused equipment that’s also pretty water-resistant?

Awesome. You can finally take care of the natural air purifying system in your office. Buy plants and use old office equipment as planters. Scatter them around the office and feel the breeze of fresh air.


Ideas for upcycled planters in an office


#5 Upcycle paper shreds and turn them into festive ornaments

Important documents need to be shredded in order to keep confidential information… confidential. But these scraps of paper are a pile of waste that just begs for upcycling. And here’s what you can do.

Use the paper shreds to ornament your office Christmas Tree. It’s a perfect imitation of snow for your sustainability-driven Christmas Tree. Alternatively, treat them as packaging fillers for gifts that your employees will receive. 

Shredded paper used as box filler - find more on dekoeko.com


#4 Did you have an office makeover? Use a ladder as a shelf!

Upcycling an office is also about finding use of items that aren’t necessarily waste yet. What if you looked at a simple ladder as a material for upcycling then?

Turn it into a shelf for office supplies or plants!

Upcycling ladder idea - office circular design


#3 Use pallets to create chill areas in your office

Pallets became uncrowned kings of upcycling. They’re used for DIY furniture at homes, gardens and offices too. In just a few swings of a hammer and a few nails, anyone can create a solid piece.

Modern companies - like yours - need to take care of their employees and let them chill for a bit. Furthermore, A research indicates that such chillzones help employees be more productive.

An easy (and cheap) way to create it is to use pallets. Turn them into comfortable seats or sofas and ornament with upcycled office supplies.


Wooden pallets used in an office space


#2 Get classy gifts for your customers - upcycled wine glasses

If you’re working with freelancers or other contractors, you can think of a Christmas gift that’s tasteful and useful - at the same time.

One of such gifts could be a set of upcycled wine glasses. They are made from throw-away wine bottles, look super nice and help reduce unnecessary waste. 


Upcycling gift ideas - wine glasses from bottles from dekoeko.com

Upcycling gift ideas - wine glasses from bottles from dekoeko.com


#1 Motivate your employees to gather unused office supplies and brainstorm what to do!

We’re not running out of ideas yet, but you know your office best.  So do your employees.

Christmas can be the time to think about this common space in a more cosy way. Talk about upcycling ideas with your employees and colleagues. Think about the waste you generate, and things that could be improved. And once you’ve got that, share wit with us! Add your photo and tag us (we’re Deko Eko, by the way).


There you go - 10 awesome ideas to make your office a bit more sustainable and cool this Christmas. Remember, upcycling is all about creativity. Our ideas can be changed, and adapted to the specifics of your office or the line of work you do.

But if you’re still hungry for more concepts and circular tips, there is a special e-book waiting for you to download. Get it for free! click here

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