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It is a great place for expanding your business if:

  • You offer upcycled or ecological products
  • You have a good sense of style.
  • Your products were created without exploiting or injuring people or animals.
  • You run a legal business and can prove you are the owner/creator of your products.

What we Do

We are more than just a traditional marketplace. Our company incorporates an e-commerce for B2C clients which allow designers to reach their customers directly. We also have a wide network of B2B clients and partners, a blog with interesting and valuable content, a team of experts with unique know-how the fields of upcycling, ecology and sustainability, a network of contacts around the world, exceptional solutions for business, and last but not least a big community of aware consumers.

What Makes us Unique

Our circular platform provides a totally new opportunity for everyone involved – businesses, designers and consumers. Thanks to our original Smart Matching concept, we are able to connect designers with the projects and companies that are right for them. We are making the process of creating and selling upcycled products online much easier.

How can You Benefit

Unique opportunity to
start upcycling projects
with corporate clients.
An easy and effective way to
sell your upcycled products
to inform Dutch
and Polish markets
(others coming soon).
Being part of a network of
people and businesses
that understand the power of
circular solutions.

How does it work


  • Step 1: Register your account
    It’s very simple – all you need to do is create an account on our marketplace. The system is super easy, free and user-friendly.

  • Step 2: Create your profile
    Add information about your business, a company description, the types of waste you use, your logo and banner, shipping method and account number

  • Step 3: Add your products
    To add your product you need pictures of the item (min 600x600 px), a description of the product and the type of waste used, and any
    other relevant product details (size, colour, type of material, etc.) then the price in euro and zł.

  • Step 4: Start to sell
    Decide how the product will be delivered to the customer and add payment details.
  • Cooperation

    Sell with us

  • It’s free to register

  • We charge a 10% margin on items you sell (so if you don’t sell anything, it doesn’t cost anything)

  • You select your courier, we do not impose options.

  • All orders are settled at the end of each month and the money is transferred to your account.

  • We promote your products through our social media and advertising campaigns

  • You can take part in various events organized by us and participate in creative workshops.

  • We Proudly Cooperate With

    Join Us Today

    We have the same goal as you – to help the world
    become 100% circular in the nearest future.

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