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Upcycling Charity Auction

About the

T-Mobile has organised an auction of Christmas gifts for its employees as part of the annual Charity Auction. With the help of designers from, during 8 upcycling workshops run in 4 locations, employees and their families created a total of over 160 unique items from company’s and employee’s waste such as watches mechanisms, unused T-Mobile banners, newspapers, leaflets, company t-shirts. Objects created at the workshop (case, necklaces, earrings, upcycling bags, etc.) were put up at the Christmas online auction.

We Used

Our original bags and jewelry were made out of a very wide range of materials. Spanning from the components and mechanisms of watches, to unused T-Mobile banners, leaflets, newspapers and company T-shirts.

The Circular

After an analysis of the company’s waste, our workshops by challenging the conventional helped the employees and their families realise that waste materials have much more than they are used to believe. Within one project we brought circular value within the different divisions of the business: from education on upcyclisation and optimal waste utilization to employee engagement and charity work support, enhancing all in one the CSR of T-Mobile. Bringing together the environmental and social aspect of waste, we trained T-Mobile employees who created 160 unique items such as cases, necklaces, earrings, upcycled bags and much more that were put up at the Christmas online charity auction.
Our economic model is built on scarcity. Infinite wants and limited resources. A fully circular economy offers the prospect of a global economy which is regenerative by design and abundant. As a business and as a citizen you are aware that to answer waste management we require ‘rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’. This coupled with technological disruption won’t make your success long-lasting. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to give a second chance to your waste, saving on limited resources while gaining new products at no cost and more importantly joining the spectacular circular movement. Wasting is so problematic, start by not wasting your time and write immediately your successful story with DekoEko!