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Unique upcycling jewelry from used monitors

About the

Bank Pekao S.A. has decided to present and at the same time inspire ecologically the leaders of volunteering at the Bank and in this innovative way to celebrate the International Volunteer Day on December 5.

The bank gave us used monitors, from which we obtained motherboards with the help of an upcycling specialist, which in turn became the material for the preparation of a line of unique upcycling accessories. Under the supervision of our designers, the electro-waste turned into real piece of art. We have made every effort to bring out the charm of used "electro-waste", transforming them into beautiful jewelry - pendants and chains.

We Used

Thanks to our unique expertise, we have created a distinctive line of jewelry by combining metals and resins from motherboards from over a hundred used monitors, given by Bank Pekao SA. The motherboards were desoldered, cut, sanded and covered with crystalline resin, and then glued to the frames, which, the same as chains, were made of stainless steel.

The Circular

Thanks to this project, we gave a second life to a large part of "electro-waste", which returned to the loop in the form of beautiful upcycling jewelry, which was passed on to the Bank employees (volunteer leaders). It was a great opportunity to raise awareness among employees on topics related to the circular economy, upcycling and sustainable development.

In the future, we plan to conduct further projects in the spirit of upcycling and circular economy with our business partner. We would also like to introduce the designed line of jewelry to the market through the branded Shop in Shop on the Deko Eko platform - in this way, the circular message should reach even more consumers.

Deko Eko has been supporting big companies in processes and projects related to sustainable development and circular economy for years. At the end of 2020, our mission and business gained further acceleration with the implementation of the first circular B2B marketplace in Europe, where hundreds of upcycling designers help our business partners transform their waste into unique consumer products and corporate gifts, created in the spirit of upcycling.

One of our business partners with whom we had the opportunity to cooperate in 2020 on upcycling production is the second-largest Polish bank - PEKAO. As part of this project, we have prepared a collection of upcycling jewelry made of parts of old computer monitors. The occasion to carry out this project was the International Volunteer Day, celebrated on 5 December.