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Christmas gifts from glass waste

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Christmas is a great opportunity to increase the awareness of employees and clients on topics such as circular economy, sustainable development and innovative recycling. A good way to do this is producing Christmas gifts from company waste..

The Stock Spirits company, which produces alcoholic beverages, was looking for the idea for such gifts. The company emphasizes that it is aware of its environmental responsibility and is constantly looking for methods to reduce the impact of its activity on climate change. Activities that increase the environmental awareness of employees are also part of the Stock Spirits strategy.

Looking for a creative and surprising idea for ecological Christmas gifts, after consulting Deko Eko, the company decided to prepare such gifts from glass bottles, which are factory waste. The alcohol producer chose bottles from their portfolio that were interesting in terms of shape and size and presented them to Deko Eko. We contacted the upcycling designer, whose specialty are glass products made from old bottles. When choosing a creator, we were guided by the unique design and the highest quality of its products. This was reflected in the described project. - our client's glass waste turned into a collection of beautiful plates, bowls and glasses that went into the hands of the management board and employees of Stock Spirits.

We Used

In order to prepare a collection of Christmas gifts, Stock Spirits passed Deko Eko 150 bottles after alcoholic beverages. In the first phase of the project, we analyzed the waste, then we conducted the so-called smart matching, which consisted of researching subcontractors specializing in this type of waste, and then we were collecting ideas for product design from selected creators.

We chose to cooperate with a designer specializing in products made from glass waste, we coordinated the upcycling production and logistics of the entire project.
Glass is one of the best materials  for repurposing. The range of applications for glass waste is huge - it can be easily transformed into new, innovative products. In the case of the described project, the drink bottles turned into a collection of Christmas gifts, which consisted of plates, bowls and wine glasses.

The Circular

Thanks to the described project, bottles of alcoholic beverages produced by Stock Spirits were sent back to the loop. .

In this way, Stock Spirits employees could see how they can organize the process of corporate waste management so that it complies with the idea of a circular economy, as well as learn about the potential of upcycling, thanks to which waste can be given a completely new value. In this way, the project fits perfectly into the company's policy, which places great emphasis on educating its employees on issues related to environmental protection.

One of the most important goals of the Stock Spirits environmental policy is to reduce the amount of generated waste.

Glass is an excellent material for recycling because it does not lose its structural values ​​or properties during the entire process. A good and effective method of processing

Glass waste can also be upcycling, which allows you to turn waste into completely new, innovative products that can then be distributed as corporate gifts or re-sold in online or stationary stores.

Stock Spirits employees could learn about the potential of upcycling thanks to a project with Deko Eko, as a result of which bottles of alcoholic beverages turned into a collection of ecological Christmas gifts made of plates, bowls and glasses.

It was a great way to manage waste in an innovative way, as well as a clear message for the business environment about the brand's involvement in activities for environmental protection and its social responsibility.