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Second life of advertising balloons

About the

The company's rebranding is a process that leaves behind a "side effect" in the form of advertising materials, which, when the logo is changed, are no longer needed and turn into waste. Advertising banners, flags, roll-ups, balloons, gadgets or leaflets are in stock and companies often have no idea how to use them.

In the warehouses of our client, Wrocław Fashion Outlet, there were out-of-date advertising balloons and the company was looking for an idea to process and reuse them.

Thanks to their size, the balloons are eye-catching in open spaces and allow you to display your brand well. However, a large format is also a big problem when the balloon ceases to be used by the company and turns into waste.

However, we managed to find a solution. It turned out that the material from which the balloon is made, beautiful kidneys and bags can be sewn . Thanks to this, old advertising balloons turned into functional and aesthetic products that were used as special prizes for shopping center clients. The entire project was related to the World Recycling Day on March 18.

We Used

Deko Eko was responsible for waste analysis, preparation of creative solutions, as well as upcycling production.

After consultation with one of the upcycling designers cooperating with Deko Eko, it turned out that the material from which the balloons are made could be sewn like banners, as both are laminated polyester fabrics.

As a result, the seemingly difficult to recycle material has been transformed into functional and durable products - kidneys and bags.

Upcycling products prepared from the remnants of the balloon not only look attractive and are useful, but still are the medium for the company's visual identification - the colors of the bag handles have been selected to match the colors of the Wroclaw Fashion Outlet logo.

The Circular

Wrocław Fashion Outlet emphasizes that sustainable development is the basis for managing a modern outlet center. The company uses the slogan "Sustainable by nature!". Cooperation with Deko Eko has shown that it is not just "canting talk".

Thanks to the project, the company reduced the amount of generated waste and then brought it back to the loop, turning its outdated advertising balloons into aesthetic and functional kidneys and bags, which were then used as special prizes for shopping center clients.

The project showed the potential of upcycling - a method thanks to which we can add waste a new value. Kidneys and bags have also become an educational medium, allowing contextual coverage of topics such as sustainable development, circular economy and upcycling.

Wrocław Fashion Outlet - the only outlet center in the capital of Lower Silesia, emphasizes that sustainable development is one of the pillars of managing a modern organization.

The shoppig center undertakes a number of activities arising from care for the environment and supporting the local community. They also include activities aimed at reducing waste generated in the restaurants and cafes operating in the center.

Now then, guests of SO! COFFEE café pay less for a coffee if they use their own mug. In turn, restaurant Od Kuchni and Costa Coffee, trying to save as much food as possible from wasting, cooperate with the Too Good To Go application, which connects customers with restaurants that have surplus, unsold food.
However, waste in the Wroclaw shopping center is not only left behind by customers visiting cafes and shops. Their source may also be the company's advertising materials - when they become outdated, e.g. as a result of rebranding or natural wear or destruction.

And it was with the problem of outdated marketing materials that motivated Wrocław Fashion Outlet to contact Deko Eko.