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Are you looking for ideas on how to become more circular?
Maybe you want to show your customers that you are responsible and care about the environment?
Or maybe you’re feeling the pressures of EU waste regulations?
If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Most of the largest companies have the same concerns on how to optimize their waste policy and get the most value out of their raw materials.

Deko Eko is here to help. We turn waste into profit by giving the highest value jump from zero to a viable product.

How does it work ?

Step 1: We analyze your waste streams. We can do it directly by meeting with you personally or you can use our Smart Matching solution.
Step 2: We make a Smart Match by finding the best designers for your project, who get inspired by the chosen waste materials of your company.
Step 3: We make the first designs and prototypes for upcycled products.
Step 4: We outsource production and deliver products straight to your doorstep or you can sell them via our marketplace.
We’ve created the 1st Upcycling Marketplace in Europe which is built to help companies like yours improve
customer trust and loyalty by taking real action in the circular economy. Our upcycling activities contribute to
building more sustainable and better-loved brands with optimal cost effectiveness.

We call our proposition Brand Upcycling because we help our clients create brand value by supplying companies
with employee engagement gifts and brand loyalty giveaways, plus we help create circularity in client companies
by introducing new upcycling product lines to the market.
engagement gifts
Brand loyalty
product lines
We are targeting 3 main groups of clients:
companies who has
waste and want to
upcycle it
companies who don’t
have particular waste
streams but want to
have upcycling products
companies who want to
donate waste but are
not interested in
upcycling products

How Can I Cooperate ?

Choose the best solution for your company


We offer over a thousand upcycled products made from various waste materials. If you find anything interesting in our database of products, you can request volume pricing and finalize your transaction with one of our specialists who are waiting to help answer any questions you might have.

Not sure what kind of waste materials are best for upcycling? Or perhaps you want to personalise one of our products? We offer upcycling consultancy – which includes professional waste analysis, finding the best designer for a specific project or providing you with new prototypes of upcycling products personalised just for you. Ask us for more details.

We also have a proposition for companies who want to have or already have an upcycling/circular product(s) but may not necessary have channels to sell it through. You can easily use our marketplace to sell products or we can even help you create your own upcycled products and outsource the whole process of designing, producing and selling these products via our marketplace. Ask for monthly upcycling fees.

Why is upcycling valuable for your business ?

Upcycling activities introduce and provide significant solutions for waste management inside your company which accelerates the sustainable development of your entire enterprise.
The implementation of upcycling products as a viable sales stream can directly transform into profits. What is more, using them in marketing, brand image and loyalty processes can also have a significant impact on the company’s overall financial results.
Upcycled products made from your company’s own waste can clearly tell your unique sustainability story and help communicate to your clients about your brand’s commitment to the environment and social responsibility. Overall it helps to build a positive brand image.
By choosing upcycling solutions, companies can save money that normally would be spent on storing, utilising and processing waste streams and instead that money can be reallocated for other smarter solutions.

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