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A unique upcycling collection from Coca-Cola packaging

About the

In January 2020, the Polish branch of Coca-Cola organized an internal conference for leaders of the company's employees from around the world. The conference consisted of many events, such as workshops, panels, ceremonial galas, etc. The topic that ran through the whole meeting was sustainable development, reducing the amount of waste produced by the company as well as reducing the carbon footprint. The participants could pay attention to these issues also thanks to the charity auction, in which we had our significant share. We have prepared a set of upcycling products from the client's waste materials. The list included tablet cases, upcycling bags, clocks made of screw caps, bowls made of glass bottles, clocks and frames made of caps, mirrors in a frame made of caps and sets of binders made of replastic. Plastic upcycling techniques such as compression, 3D printing and injection have played an important role in preparing these items. 
Even before the auction started, employees could see and buy upcycling products in the pop-up store that we had the pleasure to prepare. The assortment of this unique shop consisted of, among others handbags made of cotter pins, clocks made of screw caps, phone stands made of bottles, or glass sets made of bottles.

We Used

For the production, we used packaging for drinks from the legendary Coca Cola brand - globally recognized glass bottles that have already become part of pop culture, as well as pins for cans, caps, lids and PET bottles. By combining various techniques, we have prepared a unique, upcycling collection from this waste.

The Circular

Thanks to the cooperation with Deko Eko, Coca-Cola waste returned to circulation, and our client gained knowledge about the upcycling potential of their waste streams, as well as the possibility of using them in marketing, educational, sales and social activities. The entire process of giving the second life to waste was divided into several stages, and an important role was played by designers cooperating with Deko Eko, who prepared projects and made product prototypes. A unique, upcycling collection was created, which perfectly fit into one of the leading themes of the conference, which was sustainable development and reducing the amount of waste.

A global company could notice that their corporate waste can get a new value by creating functional and creative objects, and at the same time increasing the awareness of its employees on topics such as circular economy and sustainable development.

Coca-Cola Polska is a global brand that has been observing climate change for years and, due to its global impact, focuses on sustainable development and its promotion. So it's no surprise that part of the brand's pro-environmental strategy was to give a second life to its world-famous beverage packaging - PET bottles, can pins, bottle caps, screw caps and glass bottles.

Fulfilling this strategy, the company decided to cooperate with the Deko Eko platform, which resulted in the creation of a pop-up store with a unique collection of upcycling products made of Coca Cola brand packaging. A large part of the materials used in the production process were used plastic packaging and its components. This allowed to take advantage from the innovative solutions offered by plastic upcycling when it comes to create new products with the unique value.

Prepared in cooperation with Deko Eko, consumer products were also provided for a special, charity auction purposes.