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Together with our partner - SUEZ Group, dealing with recycling and utilisation of waste for the most prominent global companies, we have developed creative and innovative ideas for upcycling of selected waste collected by SUEZ from their clients. We have prepared a series of functional and aesthetic products out of used pet’s food packaging for Royal Canin and many uniquely original items for HP Automotive using theirs post-production waste.

We Used

Let’s be sincere the products we created for SUEZ looks very good! Guess what? It will sound unusual but they are made from used pet’s food packaging from Royal Canin and HP Automotive post-production waste. Yes we like unconventional and we challenge the status quo.

The Circular

We developed conceptual designs of brand upcycling from the waste collected from SUEZ key clients (Royal Canin and HP Automotive). Through our innovative way of thinking, we created functional and original containers from post-production waste of HP Automotive. For us, waste = value.
Our economic model is built on scarcity. Infinite wants and limited resources. A fully circular economy offers the prospect of a global economy which is regenerative by design and abundant. As a business and as a citizen you are aware that to answer waste management we require ‘rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’. This coupled with technological disruption won’t make your success long-lasting. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to give a second chance to your waste, saving on limited resources while gaining new products at no cost and more importantly joining the spectacular circular movement. Wasting is so problematic, start by not wasting your time and write immediately your successful story with DekoEko!