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The second life of used advertising banners

About the

BNP Paribas bank decided to give a second life to used advertising banners and roll-ups created as part of the “Bank of a Changing World” rebranding campaign, in which the bank promoted responsible attitudes towards society and the environment. The outdated advertising banners turned into practical and useful shopping bags, and the earlier campaign gained an interesting continuation in that way.
After consulting with a social enterprise cooperating with Deko Eko, we decided that a good idea would be to use this type of waste to sew reusable bags.
The project has gained a large scale. We have produced 5,000 spacious bags with a comfortable large pocket and a label with a logo.
Additionally, thanks to the cooperation with the producer, operating as a social enterprise, we have engaged people with disabilities in the production process. This is another, apart from the environmental dimension, positive impact of our cooperation with BNP Paribas.

We Used

The main waste material that we used for upcycling production were used advertising banners and roll-ups.

On the project, we cooperated with a company specializing in the production of bags, employing people with disabilities. In this way, the project promoted not only sustainable development and circularity, but also the idea of the social economy.

The Circular

Companies often face the problem of outdated advertising materials, which may be, for example, a "side effect" of the rebranding or a "leftover" after an advertising campaign. After changing the logo and brand identity, there is a problem with the huge amount of materials that have become out of date. These types of materials are often incinerated, and recycling methods do not solve the problem of their management, so the potential for further processing remains unused. Upcycling comes to the rescue, thanks to which this durable and aesthetic material can gain a second life.

Thanks to our upcycling production, the outdated advertising banners of the BNP Paribas Bank returned to circulation in the form of a unique collection of 5,000. consumer bags.
The bank added a new value to corporate waste, gaining new, creative items from it, and at the same time increasing the awareness of its employees and customers on topics such as circular economy and sustainable development. The entire project thus perfectly fit into the company's strategy in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development, as well as the "Bank of Green Changes" program.

The "Bank of Green Changes" is a program in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development of BNP Paribas Bank, which aggregates all the activities of the organization to counteract climate change.

The three pillars of the program are: an educational campaign addressed to the Bank's employees and their relatives, as well as clients and partners; minimizing the impact of operating activities on the environment through changes in the functioning of the organization (so-called eco-improvements) and developing an offer of environmentally friendly products and services supporting the energy transformation and sustainable investments.

Deko Eko supported Bank BNP Paribas in giving a second life to marketing materials by carrying out a unique, upcycling project, under which used advertising banners and rollups turned into 5,000. functional consumer bags.