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New life of marketing materials

About the

"Talent Week" is an annual event for IKEA Retail Poland's employees. On this occasion, we were asked to conceptualise and manufacture upcycling products from the waste materials entrusted by the client. Out of used textiles (leftovers from production) we created practical backpacks, we turned IKEA Retail Poland catalogues into phone cases, and large-format mesh banners from IKEA Retail Poland's store have received a second life in the form of durable and original laptop covers.

We Used

Do you remember the legendary blue shopping bags of IKEA Retail Poland? Yes they are same of the materials we used accompanied by mesh banners, old textiles and outdated IKEA Retail Poland Catalogues.

The Circular

We made a careful analysis of IKEA Retail Poland’s waste, thanks to which our Client gained knowledge about the upcycling potential of its waste streams and what to do about it. What is more, we developed and prepared new upcycling products made from outdated IKEA Retail Poland catalogues, which were given away as gifts to employees and used for educational activities.

Everyone’s life is busy, and even though many people may be aware of the dark side of fashion in some way, they would rather leave it in the shade so to continue their thoughtless purchases. Raising awareness in consumers is one of the most important circular effects that our efforts sought to create in this two-day event. Creating a warm, welcoming, green, ecological space served the purpose of demonstrating the beauty and the positive consequences on our mental health present in creating such clean upcycled spaces. We need to be surrounded by beauty and creating beauty does not need to be costly and resource-intensive. We made use of an exhibition and workshops to pass these concepts onto children and adults and teach them how to upcycle jewellery and paper wicker themselves!