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Second life of sun lounger fabrics

About the

Wrocław Fashion Outlet - the only outlet center in the capital of Lower Silesia - has already had the opportunity to check upcycling potential. As part of a project with Deko Eko, untypical waste - the material from which advertising balloons are sewn, turned into aesthetic and functional bags. Our client, encouraged by the effects of that cooperation, decided, together with Deko Eko, to take up another upcycling challenge.

This time, we took used deckchairs for the workshop, which remained after one of the events in the outlet. The material used as a backrest in the deckchairs was used to create more than 50 shopping bags, kidneys, laptop cases and backpacks-bags, which can be used as corporate gadgets for employees and contractors, or in activities for employees (e.g. company meetings and workshops).

We Used

As part of the project, we were responsible for waste analysis, preparation of creative solutions, as well as upcycling production.

After consulting with an upcycling designer specializing in sewing bags, backpacks and accessories, we decided that the fabric from the sunbeds would be sewn into shopping bags, kidneys, laptop cases and backpack-sacks. We invited our regular partner to cooperate - a social enterprise that professionally activates people with disabilities, which gave the entire project an additional social dimension.

28 gray and multi-colored lounger fabrics were used to create this collection. A unique, aesthetic and functional set was created, which not only looks attractive, but also, thanks to the sewn-in label with the logo of Wrocław Fashion Outlet, is the carrier of the company's graphic identification.

The Circular

With satisfaction we observe the growing awareness of companies about the circular economy. More and more companies include environmental activities and sustainable development in their strategy. The pro-environmental activities are also part of the Wrocław Fashion Outlet strategy, which is, among others, reflected in the slogan "Sustainable by nature!".

The path to sustainable development is a circular economy that solves the problem of waste overload. Upcycling is a great method of managing waste that allows not only to reuse it, but also to add new value. Our project has proved that almost every waste material has the potential to be recycled, and the results can be surprising.

Upcycling projects of Deko Eko and Wrocław Fashion Outlet, such as creating a collection of bags from outdated advertising balloons or the project described here, when sunbed fabrics have turned into shopping bags, kidneys, laptop cases and backpacks-sacks, enriched the portfolio of pro-environmental activities of the Center.

Before the cooperation with Deko Eko, our client had already carried out other activities aimed at minimizing waste - SO! COFFEE cafe encourages customers to use their own cups, and Costa Coffee cooperates with the TooGoodToGo application to prevent wasting surplus, unsold food.

Cooperation with Deko Eko allowed to enrich the portfolio of pro-environmental activities of the company with upcycling. After the success of the first upcycling project, Wrocław Fashion Outlet decided on a new cooperation that showed a big potential of upcycling in the field of waste processing and adding it new value.